Paid Verts Review, The most Profitable PTC?

My Honest Paid Verts Review:Paid Verts Review

Name: PaidVerts
Price: Free to Join
Owner: Joel William Cook
Who it is for: Newbie – Expert
Rating: star,full,favourite,bookmarkstar,full,favourite,bookmarkstar,full,favourite,bookmarkstar,full,favourite,bookmarkstar,half,favourite,bookmark


In this Paid Verts Review I’m going to show you the site and share all the necessary information.

Paid Verts is a PTC (Paid To Click) program. It was launched March 31, 2014 by Joel William Cook who is an expert marketer and also founder of MyTrafficValue which is a crowdfunding platform working online since 2010.

Paid Verts PTC is a great opportunity for everyone to earn a decent amount of money. Check out this screenshot from the daily advertising, you can get the same amount or even more for viewing a 30 second advertisements.Daily ads - Paid Verts Review

The site became very popular in summer. The growth was incredible but because the heavy load on the server, which wasn’t fully prepared for that big traffic it was quite unstable and people started to say that Paid Verts scam and Paid Verts not paying and other negative comments. The problem solved quickly and Paid Verts legit and trusted from the beginning, paying every single member faster than it should.

Paid Verts is not like the other PTC, it’s much more unique and the possibility to earn money is way better. Here you can’t rent referrals but you can refer friends and other people for 10% commission on their ad purchase and 5% on their ad clicks.

PaidVerts paying - Paid Verts Review

How to earn money with Paid Verts:

To clarify, Paid Verts paying you to interact with advertisers and watch their ads for real money.

The amount you can earn is depending on how much BAP (Bonus Ad Points) you have and on the sales Paid Verts made.

There are 14 BAP group and the key to earn the highest amount daily is to climb these groups = the higher group the more ads you get daily.

The BAP groups:
BAP Group 1 …….. 1600 to 12000
BAP Group 2 …….. 12000 to 24000
BAP Group 3 …….. 24k to 48k
BAP Group 4 …….. 48k to 96k
BAP Group 5 …….. 96k to 180k
BAP Group 6 …….. 180k to 360k
BAP Group 7 …….. 360k to 720k
BAP Group 8 …….. 720k to 1.5m
BAP Group 9 …….. 1.5m to 3m
BAP Group 10 ……. 3m to 6m
BAP Group 11 ……. 6m to 20m
BAP Group 12 ……. 20,000,000+
BAP Group 13 ……. 50,000,000+
BAP Group 14 ……. 100,000,000+

To get BAP you will have to purchase and set up an advertising campaign where you can advertise anything you want (from other PTCs to your local business to get visitors). For each 1$ you will receive 3100 BAP.

The Ads are randomly issued in the day. Sometimes you get them faster, sometimes a bit later but you always have 18 hour to view them so I recommend to log in at least 2 times a day. In the morning and in the evening to check it out. Paid Verts member paid ads can be seen in the News Forum.

1 BAP = 0.0005$ so 3100 BAP will convert into 1,55$ (55% net profit) via the form of ads that you can click in your Paid Ads menu. It takes time to reach the whole amount and you have to set up your own Paid Verts Strategy. For example you are in group 3 with 30K BAP you should reinvest ~67% if you want to stay in your current group. It works same way with the other groups too.

Check out the top earners in the last 48 hours:

Paidverts Paid members - Paid Verts Review

If you want to climb faster you should reinvest all your earnings and so you can jump up in the groups faster and get higher ads every day. Its depends on your choice and how fast you want to progress. To receive ads daily you need to have 1600+ BAP point. If have 0-1600 you have to click on Micro Ads to receive low value ads until you reach the minimum 1600.

If you want to invest it’s also a great and safe to place do. To reach the 12th Group you need around 6500$. For this you will receive around $10000 via Paid Ads and according to the current average revenues you will earn 50-200$ daily. The site’s growing day by day and the results going to be also higher as the sales that Paid Verts made boosting the earning of the groups as I wrote it before.

How to earn the maximum with Paid Verts:

Recently two new BAP group has been added:

  1. BAP Group 13 ……. 50,000,000+
  2. BAP Group 14 ……. 100,000,000+

Currently only one people reached the highest, 100M group. If you want to follow him you have to invest $32,500. In return you will get around $50,000 via Paid Ads. According to the current daily revenues if you are in the 100M group will get $400-3500 daily via Paid Ads.

Check out the earning of the highest group in the past 5 days:

Date…BAP Group …Percent (x100) …Dollar Value …Participants…($) Ads Per User

20th Oct…100m+ ………..0.05 …………..937.5 …………..1………….…..$937.53
21st Oct….100m+ ………0.045 ………….855 ……………..1………………$855
22nd Oct…100m+ ………0.045 ………….405 ……………..1……………….$405
23rd Oct….100m+ ……….0.045 …………1444.5 ………….1……………….$1444.5
24th Oct….100m+ ……….0.0425 ………..1252.0925 ……..1……………….$1252.09

Huge Ad Issue:

10th Nov….100m+ ……….0.0575 ………..6474.5 ……………2…………….$3237.25

This means the two member in the 100M BAP group got $3237.25 per head via paid ads. The lowest BAP group got $0.63:

10th Nov….100 to 1599 ……….0.0375………..4222.5……..6634……………….$0.63

If you invested $1 yesterday you got back $0.63 in one day and according to this statistic you will receive the $1,55 in 3 days (55% net profit after 3 days). This ROI is extraordinary and Paid Verts is growing day by day so it will be bigger and bigger.

Here is a screenshot from the member in the 100M+ BAP group: (8th October)

Paid Verts 100m group ads - Paid Verts Review

Upgrades In Paid Verts:

There are 2 different type of upgrade in Paid Verts:

  1. Super User Upgrade (Including a mini and a mega Upgrade )
  • Mini: $2,99 – You will get all the 1% ads from all ad purchases of $1-$49 made over the next 7 days (Shared between any other upgraded users)
  • Mega: $19,99 – You will get all the 1% ads from all ad purchases of $50+ made over the next 7 days. (Shared between any other upgraded users)

2. Recycler Pro Upgrade: $0.05  – Every single ad that recycled from now onwards, will be directed at their you, or another upgraded user, until you receive $1.00+ worth of recycled ads. That could be 200* $0.005 ads. Or if you’re lucky, a single $10+ ad!

My Recommendation regarding to upgrades: The recycler pro upgrade is always worth it so your goal is to buy it every time you receive the $1.

The Super Upgrades: These upgrades can be profitable when there are a few member because the 1% ads will be shared between the other upgraded members.

Currently the number of upgraded member is too high, so it’s will be not profitable to upgrade to any of these as you paying for the upgrade itself and then it also consumes your BAP points. To summarize avoid the super upgrades and upgrade to recycler pro all the time!

Paid Verts Payment Proof:

As a Paid Verts paid member I can prove that the payments are fast. I always received my payments in 1 or 2 days. Here is one:

Final Thoughts:

I can only recommend Paid Verts because it has a honest admin and it’s a constantly growing site which is profitable for the users. You can find the system statistic in the menu tab where you can see every information detailed about payments, daily revenues and everything else. If you would like to try it please join trough me this way I can assist you and help if you have questions.

Join now - Paid Verts Review

Join Paid Verts Today!

Instruction Video

Lastly please watch this video it will help you to Get Started with Paid Verts:

Summarized OverviewLegit - Paid Verts Review

Name: PaidVerts
Price: Free to Join
Owner: Joel William Cook
Who it is for: Newbie – Expert
Rating: star,full,favourite,bookmarkstar,full,favourite,bookmarkstar,full,favourite,bookmarkstar,full,favourite,bookmarkstar,half,favourite,bookmark

Verdict: LEGIT!

Questions? Question - Paid Verts Review

Do you have questions about Paid Verts?

Please leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


18 thoughts on “Paid Verts Review, The most Profitable PTC?

    • Thank you Jennifer!
      It can be an online business for network marketing, as you are able to advertise your other business in PTC sites.
      It’s not a requirement, if you just want to get paid for viewing ads you can do that.
      At Paidverts every 1$ delivers you 50 unique visit (for 30 second each) to your Website and 3100 BAP (total worth of 1,55$)

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Thanks for your insight in to Paidverts and this is a concept I’ve heard of but haven’t really looked in to until I visited this blog post. Thank You for sharing the video too and I will definitely be looking in to this program

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Kenneth!
      No, you don’t need affiliates to earn money in Paid Verts. Paid Verts working without without rented refferal system, you can invite your friends if you want but you don’t have to. To earn money you have to create a campaign (where you can advertise any site you want) for minimum $1. For this $1 you will get 3100 BAP point which worth $1,55 and you will receive this amount via Paid ads. If you still have questions feel free to ask me.


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