About Armina

About me – My Journey

Hi everyone my name is Armina Arcouet , founder of paidvertsthemostprofitableptc.wordpress.comhttps://scontent-a-sin.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/v/t1.0-9/s720x720/1977174_1379784165638116_3183369047164961587_n.jpg?oh=5bed8da33694fe2f43b24f6776648d14&oe=55132F8F

I’m a college student in Paris,France. I like to spend my free time on my computer: surfing on the web , watching movies , reading news or anything.

As I grow up I became more and more interested how can I work from home with the help of my computer so I started to look after this topic.

As time passed I found a lot of sites offering different kind of services about  how to make money online,  how to work from home with your computer and more like that.

Needless to say they that all these sites had continuous charges above the sign up fee to buy different products and lessons.

The Key to Success: Never Give UpThe key to success - about peter

It was very frustrating to see  how many scams and fake sites are out there. After a while I almost lost my hope but I said myself every time: I can’t give up, there must be something that will help me!

As this sub-title says: Never Give up – I continued to chase my dreams to found the opportunity to make money online and to learn the process it’s requires.

I was very careful because I knew that the online world can be dangerous and there is a lot of scam out there trying to lure you to their trap and steal all your money.

I started to gather information about sites that’s has a good reputation and are in the business for years. In the process I read different reviews about them. I did the research for months to find that one site which can teach and guide me on the way to make money online.

Questions?Question - about peter

It’s nice to meet you feel free to contact me if you need help or have some questions. Just leave a comment below


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